​​​​​NHM Booster Club

The 2019-2020 hockey season brings the NHM team into a new facility and a new locker room.

The foundation of the team's success was built by each and every member of the NHM Hockey Alumni and because of you, the program is strong, growing, and seeing the success that should make all of you very proud.

Because of your important role in building this foundation, the Booster Club is making Alumni-only name plates to be attached to the front of each locker.  These will identify your name, number and years that you played with the program.

The charge for the name plate is $250.  It will stay with the locker for as long as the team has lockers.  Your plate may be joined by other alums, as each year, a new group will be eligible to show their support by adding a plate.

Please fill in the form below, and make your Alumni Plate Donation.  We will send you a picture of your locker once it has your name on it!

You can be one of the first to support your NHM team! 

Have your name, number and class be a part of the new NHM locker room forever.  For a $250 donation you will get a plaque permanently attached to one of the new NHM lockers.

**Please click the "Submit" button prior to the "Add to Cart" button.

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